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How do I convert the findings of a European optometrist of my vision into the standard measurement used in the US?
I was given findings of 1/10  and4/10..  I believe the american system uses the Snellen system, correct?

Hi Paula,
snellen is based on 20 feet so normal is a ratio of 20/20 equals 1.  Europeans use 6 meters, so 6/6 equals normal or the ratio of 1.  any testing can be used, and as long as we are talking about far not near, the ratio is what matters, some countries use only the ratio: so 1/10 would be 20/200 or 6/60 or 0.1.   4/10 would be 20/50 or 6/15 or 0.4.
Hope that helps,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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