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I have a few questions regarding Ortho-K, so I don't have to wear glasses/contacts during the day.

I went to 2 places to check out Ortho-K for my eyes. One place treats both Myopia and Astigmatism and said I will have to wear glasses temporarily up to 2 weeks.. But the other place only treats Myopia and said I will continue to wear glasses even with Ortho-k (and I definitely don't want that) because my astigmatism was too high. But why? Why does one treat both, but the other not? And the one that WASN'T treating both was 20/20 (brand-name I guess).

-Can both Myopia & Astigmatism be treated in Ortho-K? I believe some places vary, but just wondering if it's possible.
~Left eye: -2.75 (nearsightedness) & -2.00 (astigmatism).
~Right eye: -4.00 (nearsightedness) & -3.00 (astigmatism).

-How much is it for Ortho-K (estimate) with those following description?

I heard that Ortho-K lenses have a limit of both of these, so I'm not sure if Ortho-K will work for me. :(

Please help and answer!!!

orthokeratology can eliminate the need for corrective eyeglasses however at best it is a temporary remediation .  Recall that this technique employs a programmed series of rigid contact lenses to gradually change the shape and contour of the cornea thereby reducing myopia by presumably flattening the corneal curvature.  However once the desired effect has been obtained , a retainer contact lens must be worn to retain the accomplished  curvature   A more permanent effect can be obtained with refractive surgery like LASIK or PRK.  Hope this helps.    Dr ken  

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