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QUESTION: I understand what slab off means and it certainly applies to my vision.  My issue:  the original optometrist/eye glass office will only transfer the prescription to another eye glass office (the other place has a much greater selection of frames) but will not allow the slab off.  So, the office with frames cannot fill the prescription.

To me this sounds like a marketing scheme.  The original office will not permit the slab off to be done in the other place (where I actually first went when I moved here - they're fine just an overall way too large practice (optometry and eye specialists) for me)). I was told the slab off wasn't permitted to be done elsewhere, "If the end prescription glasses are wrong, the blame will be on the optometrist who prescribed them."  My response was the slab off made sense but I wouldn't think of going after the prescribing optometrist.

Is this a marketing ploy?

ANSWER: Slab off prism is often used when there's a large disparity in the strength of the prescription for each eye. It becomes part of the prescription which you are entitiled to have and get filled anywhere you choose.  Having said that, not all labs are equipped to grind slab off prism, so it is in your best interest to ask if they can make your RX and how much you'll pay for it.  Good luck

Dr. Ken

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dr. Ken:  The prescription does not include the slab off.  I also received prices for the various combination of what I'd like.  They seem ghastly expensive.

OD -2.00 - 1.00 x 103
OS +0.25 - 0.75 x 103  There's a slash and "Add +2.50 OU"

I do have a right to obtain my prescription and I have it.  But it's incorrect without the slab off.

Cost for my ideal (I'm buying my frames on the internet and it's not included in the price - I tried them on.  This does include the slab off but it is not listed separately) is:

HD Progressive with Anti-Reflective and Transition Active:  $539.39  +   cost for frames which is $180 less than Asheville Eye Associates.

I ride a motorcycle and needed a lens that could withstand the occasional flying pebble.

Slab off prism does not necessarily have to be part of the prescription but can be , at the discretion of the optician who makes your lenses,be added on.  hope this helps

Dr. Ken.         ps Note that each State has different laws and regulations. In New Jersey where I practiced for 38 years. and in Florida where I current reside, slab off prism is usually left to the discretion of the optician who makes the glasses . However in many cases the prescribing doctor will put it on the prescription  if there is a large disparity between the two eyes in order to promote a better chance of binocularity and near point comfort  

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