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Dear doctor ken. I have been experiencing small bright flashes for some time now. These flashes last for some seconds n fade away. Although i have floaters n i get checkups regularly. Last time i had a checkup, the back of my eyes we re fine but these small flashy dots keep coming all the time. Each time i blink, it flashes and fades and after some time, its gone and all of a sudden, its back again. What am i experiencing please?. I am worried. Its occurs more in my left eye than my right. Sometimes, sudden movement lik standing and walking causes it to occur. Once i sit down or lie down and read something then look away, its gone. So wat triggers this flashy spots?. Could it be related to occular migrane?. Thank you

Yes most definitely can be related to ocular migraine.   Bright flashing lights that lasts for a few seconds can be caused by the separation and liquifaction of the vitreous gel in the eye, called a PVD (posterior vitreous detachment). Stress, smoking, alcohol, coffee, tea, soda in excess can also cause these symptoms, as well as nuts , cheeses, etc. If it continues get an opinion from a neurologist.

good luck

dr. ken

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