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To start off I'm 20 years old. About a month ago I started to have problems focusing on distant objects. It happened out of nowhere. If I would look at a tree from my window my eyes felt like they would cross and feel very strained. When looking at things up close my eyes still feel strained (such as starring at someone who is having a conversation with me) Upon video taping myself my eyes didn't cross but my left eye moved outwards and would be raised higher than my right eye (noticeable upon looking in the distance and especially looking to the left). I work in a dusty area so I'm not sure if this is the reason but I've never had vision problems even though my family has a history of them. I used to wear contacts (non prescription) but I don't think they've caused my eye to change it's alignment. I find it hard to read,often squint & feel like I'm reading with one eye. If I try to focus my eyes while reading or watching t.v I get a very fuzzy lightheaded feeling. My right eyelid seems droopy while my left eye (the one that's turning outwards) appears to be more open/large. I've had impact to both eyes and will probably see an optometrist soon but do you have any idea what could be wrong with my eyes? I'm really worried. I should add that I'm not seeing double and my vision is clear, just feeling very strained and my eye movements can at times appear slow/delayed/shifty. Have you seen this before and do you know if there is any way to fix my vision/eye alignment?

You need to get it checked out.  It could one of many things like sudden muscles imbalance due to a a systemic medical condition like a muscle palsy due to a cranial nerve lesion, a need for eyeglasses, a side effect to medications or allergic reaction, etc.  i cannot diagnose you over the net but please do get it checked out.

dr. ken

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