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I have been losing my sight in my right eye at night.  I have the peripheral vision but it is completely black in the middle.  Lately I have been having issues when I try to move my eyes to the left to see things and focus, I get a strange sensation in my head and a very weird sense.  I have to immediately pull my eyes back to the other direction to lose this sensation.  I have had two episodes of waking in the morning thinking I have had a seizure due to certain things that have happened.  I thought at first this was due to having a half a glass of wine, but has happened sense with no wine involved.  Sometimes in order to get rid of the sensation i must take my glasses of to see.  this way I lose focus.  My vision is bad, have had bifocals for years now and I am only 44.  I have not had any head trauma for years, since a car accident in 05, but that was a mild head injury.  Started having migraines several years ago and I just treat them as they come up now.  I am beginning to be scared about this weird sensation.

From the symptoms you describe, you may be having an ocular migraine, carotid insufficiency,   Central scotoma, a(blind spot), partial blockage of a major vessel, excessive use of caffeine, alcohol, cheeses, tobacco etc.  you're better off seeing  a neurologist to rule out this conditions as a possible cause of your symptoms    Good luck.     Dr Ken

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