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QUESTION: had my lasik on December 19th, 2012. Prior to lasik I had -8.5 power in both my eyes.

The next day when I went for the post op check, I was able to read the last line in my left eye by putting some effort while in the right eye I could not read the last line. The Dr on examination told that I have some inflammation in the right eye and suggested heavy dosage of the medicines for next 3 days.

On Dec 24, when I went for rechecking, He told that the inflammation is not healing as required and he told that he will open the flap and wash it and put it back.

After the wash, my right eye became so blurred that I could not see anything even at a distance of few feet. However the vision improved somewhat after 3 days and I could read bigger letters.

However when I try seeing smaller letters, they seem to be so blurred. Its been close to a month after the wash and I am yet to get close to what it was prior to the wash.

Also I am still not able to see the last line perfectly with my left eye.

ANSWER: Being a high myope like you (-8.50) does not always guarantee 20/20 vision after surgery. In fact more likely the reduction of your nearsightedness is to be expected rendering you less dependent on your eyeglasses or contact lenses.  Since you had a complication and your surgery was so recent, remember you're still healing and may stii experiencing vision fluctuations especially if you have corneal edema or debris remaining in the incision site.  Discuss your outcome with your refractive surgeon to better appreciate what can be realistically expected in terms of your vision.  Good luck.   Dr ken u

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QUESTION: Thanks Ken for the reply.

Even I understand that chances of achieving 20/20 is not guaranteed being high myopic and chances of having residual power.

What I am concerned is the hazy and double vision in the flap treated eye. If I see separately with my both eyes my vision with my right eye look like seeing through fog. What I can infer after reading various articles is that my doctor treated me for DLK. What can be the reason for the foggy vision and will it clear up.

Also I having bad dry eyes. Having a feeling of having hard lens placed. Can dry eyes be the reason for the double vision as the double vision was not visible prior to this bad dry eye problem. I am using Refresh Tears as and when I feel of dryness. I am having my 1 month follow up check next week. Will managing this next week be not serious.

Sathish.   You may very well be experiencing DLK or diffuse lamellar keratitis which is a complication of LASIK surgery and occurs between 1-30% worldwide . It comes as a result of intracellular  infiltrates that seep into the wound site primarily at the juncture of the flap but can also include cells migrating into the visual axis . "Washing" the site often helps along with the judicious use of steroid eye drops often help ameliorate the situation . Without examining you under the slit lamp bio microscope and
Performing a corneal topography to ascertain if you've developed irregular astigmatism , it is difficult for me to diagnose you,.   Your best bet is to ask your eye surgeon as to your potential outcome.   Dr Ken  

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