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I am 39, and have been wearing gas permeable lenses since a teenager with no problems.  Over the last few years I have found they are less comfortable, even when getting a new pair.  My optician said I have some scaring on the surface of my eyes that the lenses are rubbing on - so there isn't anything that can be done, so I have just continued.

About 3 weeks ago I noticed they were getting very cloudy and so assumed they needed an overnight protein removal treatment.  However this didn't sort the problem.  So I have been cleaning them several times a day.  When I first clean them the vision is great but they cloud up again.  It comes and goes throughout the day seemingly randomly, although is also is definitely brought on by bright light, wind etc.  When the film comes over the lens the vision is so bad I can not see my hand in front of my face.

I went to opticians who said it is just that as you get older you get more protein in your tears and that I should try soft lenses.  I have tried them for several days now and although they are more comfy because they are not resting on the scars, the filming is still happening.  And in particular I am really struggling looking at a computer screen.  I have tried not wearing any eye make up but this hadn't made a difference.

I am concerned that there is an underlying medical issue.

I am unsure what to try next.


Hi Wendy,
The first question is 'how is your vision using glasses instead of contact lenses?'  if it is stable and not filmy/blurry etc, then at least it is just a contact lens issue.  if you are creating so much mucus or oil that it is making the vision so bad, it sounds like you have an eyelid problem whereby they make too much mucus and oil and that the eyelids may be inflamed.  So make sure the eyelids are OK and not inflamed. If the are, then your doctor can help you treat them and make them better. You certainly can try using frequent lubricating eye drops while wearing contacts to try to keep them clean and not fog or get deposits. So check out the eyelids, fix them if they are bad, and use drops to help keep the eyes comfortable and the lenses cleaner. Hope that gets you started to a better contact lens experience.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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