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QUESTION: I am booking PTK for next month to hopefully cure my RCE caused by trauma but I keep reading stories on the internet about it only working for 6 months etc or making it worse in some cases.

At the minute I wear a bandage lens but without it I dont last long before I get an erosion BUT why if people wear prescription lenses for 30 days why cant I just wear a bandage lens and take it out to swim snd shower etc ... It GIVE ME MY LIFE BACK is it not if used with care and hygiene a simple answer to my prayers ???!!!  

Thanks so much


ANSWER: Dear Karen  I know how frustrated and uncomfortable you must feel.  Most recurrent corneal erosions occur from trauma like a paper cut , fingernail scratch, hairbrush, contact lens abuse , etc .  Usually hypertonic (salt) solutions and ointment to be used at bedtime every night for  3 to 6 months or longer does the trick and allows the corneal epithelium to regenerate and bond more adherently.  Further a bandage hydrogel contact lens is utilized to allow the tissue to heal
properly .  When this proves unsuccessful anterior stromal puncture or corneal debridement utitilizing the excimer laser to perform photo therapeutic keratectomy. (PTK) is performed to rid of the damaged epithelium (outer cell later) and allow the body to regenerate fresh new tissue that won't slough off as readily.  Most RCE symptoms occur when one first awakens and open the eyes... The eyelids actually pull or rip off
epithelial cells off the basement membrane primarily because the attachment sites have been weakened and are irregular. This is why ointments like NaCl (Muro) ,  a hypertonic preparation, or Lacrilube or Systane or Genteal or Theratears ophthalmic ointments need to be applied nightly for months at a time.   Be sure to see a corneal specialist for your ailment and be positive, patient, and optimistic. Good luck.  Dr Ken

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QUESTION: Thank you Dr Ken I have used all the lub drops and the vantage lens works really well im totally comfortable with it in my eye so that's my real question can I not just continue to wear one ? Instead of undergoing Ptk with all the possibly risks ???? Is wearing a lens a proper day and night one not the perfect solution people everywhere do it all the time with there prescription why can't I do it ???? Thanks again Karen

Your welcome Karen    Wearing a contact lens day and night for weeks or months has inherent risks as well as abrasion, ulcers, bacterial infection from mucous, debris, dirt , dust , etc .  Ask you eye doc his opinion and go with that.   Btw. How did you traumatized your eye ?  Fingernail? Tree branch cut, ?hair brush? Curling iron?   Curious.   .  Dr Ken

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