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QUESTION: had my lasik on December 19th, 2012. Prior to lasik I had -8.5 power in both my eyes.

The next day when I went for the post op check, I was able to read the last line in my left eye by putting some effort while in the right eye I could not read the last line. The Dr on examination told that I have some inflammation in the right eye and suggested heavy dosage of the medicines for next 3 days.

On Dec 24, when I went for rechecking, He told that the inflammation is not healing as required and he told that he will open the flap and wash it and put it back.

After the wash, my right eye became so blurred that I could not see anything even at a distance of few feet. However the vision improved somewhat after 3 days and I could read bigger letters.

However when I try seeing smaller letters, they seem to be so blurred. Its been close to a month after the wash and I am yet to get close to what it was prior to the wash.

Also I am still not able to see the last line perfectly with my left eye.

ANSWER: Dear Sathish,
Yours is a very specific query, one that cannot be answered just via email and not without an examination.
Yes, sometimes it is required to lift the flap and clear the area that was treated. You need to be on anti inflammatory eye drops (which are mild steroid eye drops), other than this, further treatment depends on what the doctor finds in his examination under the slit lamp.
I shall be happy to help you if in Mumbai.
However, I suggest that you speak with your eye surgeon and he will be able to outline the prognosis and your visual expectations for you.
Dr Anand Shroff

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Had my one month post op check up yesterday. My left eye vision was 6/6 (although has some blurness could read completely). My right eye which had developed DLK (confirmed by doctor) and washed had a 6/15 reading. The Doctor after doing a slit lamp examination told that the inflammation has not yet fully healed (90% healed)and also the pressure on the eye has increased a bit (22).

The doctor told that one the inflammation as well as pressure subdues, the vision will correct to 90% in 3 months(6/15 is around 70%)

The thing is I can not go for a second opinion because these are the best in India (Have the last word)and every other lasik surgeon in India had at some point of time worked here.

Do you think I can achieve 90% clarity in the next 2-3 months.  The doctor mentioned that I have some astigmatism (0.75) but did not mention what type of astigmatism. The astigmatism was not there in the first 3 weeks but was prominent from 4th week onwards. Will it be corrected by spects / enhancement or it will not be treatable.

The thing is I am facing lots of hardship while working in computer. Working only with left eye.

Dear Sathish,

Seems that there is improvement from what you describe (90 % healed).

Difficult for me to mention anything about clarity without an eye examination.

Any astigmatism can be corrected by using spectacles, contact lenses or even doing a re treatment (if possible and necessary). The diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK) that you describe, should settle completely and the eye pressure should be normal for clarity of vision.

As the doctors in the centre you mention seem to be experts, do ask them to outline your prognosis and visual expectations.

Usually 3 months is good enough time for the eye to settle post LASIK and for decisions to be made if any.

Dr Anand Shroff

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