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For the past couple of months I have been experiencing binocular double vision.  It is always present when I hold my head still and look to the right.  As the day progresses it becomes difficult for me to read, look at the computer, or watch TV because the double vision is so much worse in the evening. The duplication is usually diagonal and I don't have headaches. My eyes just get tired.  I am currently being tested for diabetes and thyroid disease. I know that Myasthenia Gravis is also a possibility.  I have not had a head injury and was not born with strabismus.  The list of possible causes of this type of double vision is a bit alarming.  Are there any non-serious causes for this type of double vision?  If the diabetes and thyroid tests are normal, what is the most likely cause?  Thank you for your help!

Hi.  You didn't indicate your age but double vision of sudden onset should never be taken lightly and you should undergo a complete neurosensory exam.  Among the causes are myasthenia gravis,  MS, diabetes, third nerve palsy, stroke or T. I.A. , brain lesions , etc  On a good note, some causes of double vision are benign, temporary , and can be resolved with prism in spectacles .    You need to be checked out preferably by a neuro ophthalmologist .  Good luck and please tell me what your diagnosis is .    Dr  Ken  

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