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Respected sir
Recently i have made a eye check up. I am having current power on both of my eyes are
Right: Sph: -2.75 , cyl:-2.0 ,Axis:180
Left:  Sph:-2.50, cYL:--2.25, Axis:180

past i had following power in my eyes
Right: Sph: -2.50 , cyl:-2.25 ,Axis:180
Left:  Sph:-2.75, cYL:--2.50, Axis:180

now i have got less cylindrical power and vision is clear but problem is that when i look with new power of glasses object is not in clear shape when it closer to my eyes and goes away from eyes at certain distance shape of an object becomes original. So why it happens? I dont have any problem with my eyes like stain, fatigue.
For instance , if i holding a piece of paper each of edges dont concentrate or in original shape only one side of edges seems to be somewhat slant.Plesae sir give me necessary solution to get rid from it. Thanking you...

Yours sincerely
Chirag patel

Hello Chirag,
Since vision is clear,and the shape is wrong, it is due to the lens design, not the prescription focusing power numbers.  It has to do with the thickness, amount of curves, and lens material.  It also can be from the fitting of the glasses like the angle in front of the eyes and the distance of the glasses from the eyes.  Inquire from the glasses maker about the lens design and glasses fitting. The newly noticed shape changes will be getting adapted to by your brain in a few days most worries.  It looks like overall you needed a slightly weaker lens left eye, so make sure the quality of the images are equal at far distance comparing the two eyes. And make sure the axis 180 is properly made in both pair, since a slight manufacturing axis change, possibly accidental, can contribute to the shape change.
Mitch Axelrod,OD

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