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Respected sir
Recently i have made a eye check up. I am having current power on both of my eyes are
Right: Sph: -2.75 , cyl:-2.0 ,Axis:180
Left:  Sph:-2.50, cYL:--2.25, Axis:180

past i had following power in my eyes
Right: Sph: -2.50 , cyl:-2.25 ,Axis:180
Left:  Sph:-2.75, cYL:--2.50, Axis:180

Respected sir,
I am having problem with my eyes of vision since 13 days of new glass of prescription made.Any object(like square of box) comes closer to me than bottom of box line and top of its line are not in equal length means it appears narrow image  from top line of length & similarly it goes away at certain distance images become of its original shape , so why it happens with my eyes.I am wearing rim less frame having the axis in Right:1 degree & Left: 179 degree of optician made frame.May it does happen from old prescription to new one?. I had an old prescription since 5 years now it has changed so is it happen due to this changes or not? And now since from wearing new power glasses if i wear my old pair of glasses same narrow images appears but in past it had not happen with old one. Please sir give me a necessary solution to get rid
from it. Thanking you

Yours Sincerely
Chirag patel

Dear Chirag,

There could be many reasons for this problem.
1- Centration of optical glasses. Get your lenses checked for proper centration

2- Inaccurate combination of spherical and cylindrical power or error in Axis.

3- Base of the Optical glasses.  The lenses should have been made on a flatter base curve (2Base) is ideal for your prescription.

Please get these 3 things checked and rectified if some error is found.

Optom.Amit Sharma

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