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My right eye has recently started to blur regularly throughout the day. I can clear it by blinking or looking around in different directions but it comes right back. The small, black shapes on my eye seem to be more plentiful as well. My right eye always tears up excessively when I yawn. My left eye doesn't exhibit any of these symptoms. I'm a 27 year old male with a -3.25 prescription in my left eye and -2.75 in my right. The symptoms I'm experiencing happen equally with and without contacts. My last eye exam was around a year and a half ago and the eye pictures they took determined that I have excessive sun damage from not wearing sunglasses but I otherwise have healthy eyes. The tearing has always been more pronounced in the past but the blurring has only been going on for a couple months.


Well, I am sorry I can't give you a definitive answer as to what this is without actually seeing it.

When you say you have excessive sun damage, I don't know if that means you have macular changes (hopefully not, at your age, but if the changes were on the macula, see a doctor immediately as your blurring symptom could be related.) As for the small black shapes that have increased I don't know if they are IN your eye, (see a doctor immediately) or on the outside? (see a doctor soon.)  

While the problem could be due to something serious, it could be as simple as dry eye. But only by seeing you could a doctor distinguish one possibility from another.  If it has been a year and a half since your eye exam, you are overdue anyway. I don't know about Minnesota, but here in Virginia contact lens prescriptions expire in one year. Even though your problem does not seem to be caused by the contact lenses, the fact that your prescription is likely out of date should justify going in for an exam anyway.  

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