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My right eye is tearing. No discomfort, no redness, no irritation. It just overflows. I have to dab my eye multiple times every day.  I presume whatever means by which tears normally drain away is not working.  A local ophthalmologist did a probing of the tear duct with a sterilized safety pin and "couldn't get through."  He says a punctoplasty is needed. The probing was very uncomfortable despite anesthetic drops. I can't imagine the punctoplasty would be different. I have also heard that stents may be used to prop open a tear duct. I'm not a big fan of this ophthalmologist, and would like to hear your thoughts.  Thx.

Dear ken.  I don't know if you've tried punctal massage and warm compresses 4-5 times per day for a week to ten days to see if any improvement occurs.  Probing and irrigation is the next step for lacrimal duct stenosis or clogged tear ducts.  If you're not getting relief do get another opinion .  Dr Ken

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