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I am 47 years old and have cataracts that is what the eye doctor

thinks and also a corneal scar in one eye and double vision

doctor thinks caused by monocular diplopia

so then that means I guess as it is not binocoular that is not

dangerous from other bigger cause causing the double vision

the thing is sometimes it is quite bad I am not sure why it is

worse some days than others

also strange enough sometimes the double vision is above but sometimes it is below

I don't understand why it would change?

any ideas more ov what I have and just what to do about it

thank you in advance

Hi j.   It's very simple to ascertain if your double vision is binocular or monocular . Simply cover one eye. If the double vision disappears it is monocular .  The latter can be caused by many ailments among which is cataract, corneal edema, scarring, or irregularity, irregular corneal or lenticular astigmatism, and less likely, macular edema, macular scars ,  or macular degeneration.  You need to be properly diagnosed then treated to eliminate that . Good luck . Dr. Ken

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