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 Saturday night I was sitting here knitting and noticed on the right side of my head I seem to be getting these long streaks of bright light every few seconds/minutes.  They were very quick but quite noticeable.   I also later on developed one floater which is still here today.   I put my knitting down and sat and watched tv and eventually the flashes seem to ease off but still had them the next morning only not as nearly as often.   Yesterday afternoon and last night they were pretty much gone except for the occasional one and today I think I may have seen a few but I'm really not sure.  I know on Saturday night I kept thinking I had a hair hanging on the side of my face that my eye was picking up but when I went to brush it away there was nothing there.  That feeling is gone today.  I don't knit often due to arthritis in my neck and spine but I've been working quite diligently at it to get it done for my new grandson who arrives by C-section tomorrow.  Other than a really stiff feeling in my shoulders and up the side of my head today and the one floater that streak of almost an electrical light seems to be gone.  I just wondered if knitting so much could cause this to happen.  I do have chronic dry eyes and also have a very mild dystrophy in both eyes.  I just saw my eye doctor in August and everything was good.   I think now I'm kind have a bit of allergies in my eyes as it's fall.   Also wondering if I need to go see my eye doctor again about the flashes.

The flashes in allprobability, is caused by a posterior vitreous detachment.  Or PVD,    This us caused by the
Pulling away of the vitreous  gel from the attachment sites,   in some cases , this separation can lead to a tear in the retina or a detachment .  This is why a visit to the eye doctor is important    Good luck    Dr Berger  

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