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So my fiancÚ has this reoccurring eye issue and he does not believe me that it is a real problem. He has pretty bad vision, since I met him 3 years ago it has gotten ALOT worse, he also started wearing contacts again at that same time (he had to remove them for a year due to a infection)

He will leave the SAME pair of contacts in his eyes for anywhere between 1-4 months, without ever removing them to clean them or to sleep in. He has the kind that are rated for 30 days of continuous wear so he says he is safe.

When he does finally remove them, a day later his eye is blood shot red, swollen, super sore and watery. It will cause him quite a bit of pain. I did some reading and thought it could be microbial keratitis.

Whatever it is, is this issue as well as his eye care habits not bad? I do not want him going blind because he is hard headed and wont believe what he reads but I am pretty sure his constant contact wear over the last 3 years has messed his vision up and is the cause of his discomfort when he does take them out finally.

The image I attached is not of his eye, but this is exactly what his eye looks like when he takes his contacts out.

Dear Amber.  It is very obvious that prolonged and extended wear contacts and your fiancÚ are not compatible.  His reactions are NOT normal.  he needs to
Remove his lenses daily and be refit with a lens providing more oxygen , and not fit as tightly. microbial keratitis, corneal ulcers, abrasions, edema, and loss of vision are some of the complications and he should not take this lightly. Furthermore, you should both be aware that eye infections are 8X more lightly to occur with extended wear contact lenses as compared to daily wear , even higher in smokers and those having dry eyes.    Hope this helps.    Good luck.   Dr Ken .  

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