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Dear Dr. Berger,

I always had great vision, After age 50 my eyesight started changing slowly.  (slight stigmatism, one eye far-sited and the other eye near.  I now need driving and reading glasses.  In July at age 57 I started getting floaters in my right eye and flashers in the corner of both eyes.  (I saw a eye Dr. and he checked my eyes than stated that my flashers and floaters are common as we age.  It's now 2 months later since I got my eyes checked. My vision in my right eye has become more blurry recently in that I can no longer read the writing on my lap top with-out my reading glasses or read the writing when watching TV.  My right eye seems to fluctuate in blurriness.  It seems in less than 2 months my right eyes vision has changed, is this all normal with age?

Thank you

Kay.    Let me assure you that your symptoms are normal with
The aging process. The refractive status of the eyes indeed do change as we get older and many of us require eyeglasses to correct astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, and presbyopia for TV, driving, reading, computer , etc.  This is quite normal.   So long as your retina is intact , with no tears or detachment , floaters and flashes are often times the result of the vitreous shrinking, liquefying, and separating as a result of a vitreous detachment which requires no treatment unless visually debilitating.   Hope this helps.  Good luck. Dr ken  

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