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Dear Dr. Shroff,

I always had great vision, than after age 50 my eyesight started changing slowly.  (slight stigmatism, one eye far-sited and the other eye near.  I only needed driving and reading glasses.  In July at age 57 I started getting floaters in my right eye and flashers in the corner of both eyes.  (I was checked by a eye Dr. and afterwards he stated that my flashers and floaters are common as we age.  It's now 2 months after I got my first floater in my right eye and I noticed that my vision in my right eye has become more blurry in that I can no longer read the writing on my lap top with-out my reading glasses.  My right eye seems to fluctuate in blurriness.  It seems in less than 2 months my right eyes vision has changed, is this all normal with age?
Thank you
Thank you

Dear Kay,

Yes, this is very normal with age.
Floaters are more of a nuisance than they are a pathology.
Unfortunately, there is no real treatment for the same as they lie in the vitreous (jelly ) inside the eyeball. These are due to aging and are degeneration in this jelly.

Usually, they do not require any active treatment and settle down with time (though it takes months).
If the floaters increase to a point where it reduces vision, then the treatment is changing  this jelly. This surgery is a major one, hence done only in rare cases.

There are some simple tips you may try to improve the floaters.
Do read more about this on http://www.shroffeye.org/facts-about-vitreous-detachment-floaters/

Hope this helps,
Dr Shroff

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