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Within the last month my husband has noticed his vision decreasing and we saw an optometrist on Sept 14 2013.  The optometrist noted an oily film on my husband's left eye and referred him. He saw the optometrist again on Sept 28th and by that time had lost all sight in one eye and was losing sight quickly in the other eye. He saw the ophthalmologist on September 30 2013.   The ophthalmologist can see no sign of any reason for the eyesight loss and has referred him to a neurologist.  He had a CT scan done on October 1 and the results were negative.  His eyesight, up until Sept 28 was still good enough to drive and now he must be within a foot of something to see it.  There is no history of diabetes.  His normal blood pressure is low...100/60 range as normal for him.  I am wondering if you have heard of any cases like this?

You didn't indicate your husbands age but certain things need to be ruled out: for example  optic atrophy , central retinal artery occlusion, retinitis pigmentosa,  neovascular membrane, glaucoma, hysterical amblyopia,  etc.  Don't give up.   Loss of sight is not normal and must be diagnosed properly to be treated properly.   Good luck          HOW DID YOU MAKE OUT?   IS YOUR HUSBAND STILL LOSING HIS EYESIGHT?    Progressive optic neuropathy is a leading cause of vision loss in your husbands age bracket.  

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