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Dear Dr. Shroff,

You have helped me in the summer of 2010.  Thanks again!  I followed your advice in using hot compress, to relief pain and discomfort, as well as keeping the stye (a blocked gland) open".  
The hot compress has done wonders, whenever I start to grow a Stye.

Now, I seem have one or 2 calcium deposits inside the upper eyelids.  Would hot compress help?  What additional remedies would you recommend, to eliminate the current ones, as well as preventing new ones.

Background, I am relatively certain that the irritation is from Calcium deposits and not new Styes.  In the past, I've had calcium deposits frequently and I would go to my ophthalmologist to get them physically removed, once or twice per year.  He does a good job.  Then, I started to take Magnesium supplements which seem to help in balancing the Calcium and Magnesium.  Thus, I haven't had the deposits for a few years ;-)  But now ;-(  It would be great if I get get rid of them myself, due to the holiday travels and festivities.

Thanks in advance for your help.  

Sincerely,   ♡ ♡ ♡  Lucy  ♡ ♡ ♡

Dear Lucy,

Thank you for your kind words. It is good to know that the hot compresses are helpful to ward off the styes.
Calcium deposits almost alwasy need to be removed and although you may read about people doing this on their own by pinchng the lids, poking it with a sterile needle etc. I would still suggest seeing a doctor to get it removed under sterile precautions.
The symptoms of 'poking' pricking or the sandy sensation can be reduced by using any lubricating eye drop or artificial tears such as Genteal eye drops, Refresh Tears, Tears plus etc. In addition if you are able to get a mild antibiotic ointment, it may help to use this at night to reduce any inflammation surrounding the deposit.

Hot or cold compress (you try and see which soothes you more) is only to relieve pain.

Hope this helps,
Dr Anand Shroff

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