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I recently was trying to put on my contacts this morning like usual and I use a solution called clear care where you have to wait at least 6 hours for the solution to neutralize or else it will sting your eyes or something. Well, I have been using it for years and never had an accident. This morning I did where the solution did not neutralize due to the faulty case where you put the contacts in I guess and I put it on my right eye and immediately felt a burning sensation. I immediately took it off, and rinsed with water. I put in some saline solution to rinse too. I even put some lubricant eye drops in. But as I am rinsing, it stung my eye. Right now as I am writing this, it's been about 15 minutes since the incident. My vision is fine. There's a bit of redness in my eye but not too red. It still has that after effect, not a burning or stinging, but a little more toned down than that I guess the best I can describe it. Will having the unneutralized solution in my eye caused any permanent damage? Or will I be ok? What signs should I be looking for if my eye is being damaged? Thanks, I'm worried as this has never happened to me before. It doesn't hurt so much now, just a weird sensation like my eyes just been burned and stung. I hope I don't go blind or get eye diseases because of this. Thank you.

Hi Michelle.  When Clear Care is not entirely neutralized to water and oxygen, the remaining hydrogen peroxide , when placed into the eye .causes burning, stinging, redness, tearing and sometimes corneal and conjunctival inflammation .  Rinsing out the eye real well is usually all that is necessary however if the symptoms still remain a day later,  you will need to see an eye doctor for treatment .   Hope this helps.  Dr Berger  

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