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A while ago I was told that I had a problem with reading due to my eye sight, I had never thought much of this, but then I started to get severe head aches and migraine when playing a video game or watching television, I then noticed I was struggling to keep in line when reading and was skipping a few lines at first, but this got worse to the stage where I would miss half of a paragraph at times, and so was advised to go for an eye test.

I went for my eye test around 7 months ago, and was told that I only had slight sight problems and would only need a very mild bifocal, but was also told that one of my eyes had a muscle problem, which stopped it from following words, moving images etc. as fast and focused as the other. I was advised to do eye exercises such as focusing on something close to me, then focusing on something further away in the background, however, I was also told that this could have an adverse effect and make the muscle problem worse.

Since I had done these exercises, my problems became less noticeable however recently, I have began getting migraines again, and my eyes tire very quickly to the point of feeling tight, dry and very drained. then today I noticed I was seeing hundreds, if not thousands of tiny sparks when I was looking at the sky and clouds, but could not see them when I looked at the wall. After doing some research I was reassured to read that the most likely explanation for this to be that I was seeing blood cells pass through my eyes.

And so I guess my actual question is should I go back to the opticians and get another eye test or should I just resume doing the eye exercises? Basically just looking for some good advise and to make sure all of this is normal.

Hi Katie, you have two issues.  One,the exercises should just be started again and if the eye muscle issue isn't manageable then see the doctor for that if needed.  Second, however:  even though the spots/sparks in the vision does sound properly diagnosed, because it is new and different you should have the eyes examined for health as well as get your blood pressure checked, etc.
Hope that helps,
Mitch Axelrod OD

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