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My much older optometrist has all the latest gadgets and we have used them. The first time I went to him last year the photos of my retina when magnified found little dot "reflections" is what he referred to them as and had never seen anything like it before. He thought maybe it was just the way the light was working out. This year I returned and did all the tests. I barely need reading glasses and have a very low amount of astigmatism. Those little dots that are white and are in clusters along the thickest part near the nerves is how he described their location. He has no idea why they are there, mentioned maybe some deposits. But we found they are consistent with last time and there didn't seem to be any increase or decrease and they are in random spurts all around the large nerves and spread all around the eye. If you have any ideas or know what this might be it would be great. He thinks there is nothing to worry about, but it seems odd to me that he's never come across this before. Thank you so much for any information you can give me.

Dear Kelly.   Without seeing photos of the white dots on your retina, knowing your health history such as age , medications taken in the past and currently,  previous ailments, etc it is next to
Impossible to suggest what you have , however there is a " White Dot Syndrome" which
Is an inflammatory chorioretinopathy of unknown origin, and can affect young healthy patients. They can stem from acute post multifocal placoid pigment epithelialopathy , birdshot chorioretinopathy , choroiditis, acute idiopathic maculopathy, etc  These diseases primarily affect the posterior uveal tract and may be present with white inflammatory lesions in the retina or choroid.  Retinal
Toxicity assoc  associated with tamoxifen. , anticonvulsants, and plaquenil have all been implicated in retinal white dot toxicity.  Hope this helps.   My suggestion is to see a retina specialist for his/her opinion.   Dr Berger  

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