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About a month ago I was given a trial pair of multi-focal contacts.  After a week they were doing great so I ordered 6 months worth.  About two weeks later I noticed that my vision was starting to blur, especially in the left eye.  I figured I'd try a new set of contacts, that maybe that was the problem.  The new contacts didn't change anything so I made another appointment with my doctor.  He did another eye exam and the change in my eyes was 30% worse than a month ago.  He said it has to be something medical.  I'm a healthy 45 year old, no medical problems.  After he suggested something medical I had my sugar checked, blood pressure checked and had a blood test - everything came out ok.  I reverted back to my old contacts and glasses and of course they are somewhat blurry - not as blurry as the multi-focals but there is a significant change.  My doctor doesn't know why my eyes changed so quick and is stumped and worried because it changed within 30 days.  So now I really don't know where to turn, what doctor to go see, what to do.  Have you ever heard of multifocals making anyones eyes go bad?

TO say your vision changed 30% may seem like quite a lot, but it also depends on what your Rx was to begin with.  30% change on a weak prescription is not very much.
Having said that, most doctors will refer for a blood sugar check when a patient becomes significantly more myopic in a short span of time.  So it sounds like your doctor did the correct thing.  Usually these changes occur in both eyes.
It is difficult to be specific, without all the information in your chart.  Many times unusual contact lens issues need time to reverse themselves.  I often have patients wear their glasses for a week or two, just to give their eyes a break.
The lenses themselves do not make anything "go bad".  I would just discontinue lens wear and see if your vision begins to stabilize.
The next step may be to see an MD and have a full dilation workup if that was not done already.
I hope this helps a bit.
Dr. Mike

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