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I am new in using contact lens, about 2 weeks from now only. My doctor was the first one who insert it and the one who also remove it as a demonstration, so i did it on my left eye under her supervision.

The following day, i have to put the lenses on my own. I get no problem in my left eye, but the right eye burns alot. It is something like a soap residue gets entered my eye. It tears a lot and the irritation takes place for about 1 minute. After that moment, my contact lens feels no more pain, as if i am not wearing them. When i remove them, i feel no irritation.

The next day i wear again my lenses. Still no problem with my left eye, but my right eye feel again a burning sensation, this time it is minimal compared to the first day and only occurs for about 20 seconds.

As day pass of using lenses, the burning feeling on my right eye gradually decreases.

One day i decided not to wear my lens to give my eye a rest. The next morning i put again my lenses, and the sad thing is that my right eye burns alot. It burns worst than the first time i use lenses. The burning feeling last for about 20seconds.

This morning i decided not to wear my contacts because of fear that i might have the worst burning feeling today.

Any advice you can give? Thanks in advance.

Dear Arjay,

The problem you are facing is only due to some irritant substance absorbed by the right lens , it may be through the lens case or any other source.
You just need to clean and rinse your lens thoroughly so that the burning substance is washed out of the lens. You may give the lens to you contact lens practitioner for cleaning.
If necessary change the lens case.
following are some tips for soft contact lens maintenance.
#1- Wash your hands with soap and clean water then wipe them with a lint free clean towel before handling the lenses.
#2- Clean rinse and disinfect your contact lenses with the recommended soft lens solution.
#3- Make sure not to use eye cosmetics before putting the lenses on. and do not use any comatic inside your eyes. The lens shouldnt touch your eye lashes while inserting the lenses.
#4- lens case should be cleaned on weekly basis and replaced monthly.

Optom.Amit Sharma  

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