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I wanted to know what I MAY (I am not expecting a true diagnosis online) have going on. When I look at white screens or the sky I sometimes get a black spot that almost is like a warping of light. I know what floaters are, and this is not a floater. This is almost like a spot of blindness, and sometimes a spot of green light. It will be there a second or so then disappear. I get this all the time. What eye issues have spots in your vision?

Dear Dustin,

These are called 'Entoptic phenomenon". Sometimes, people see different colours.
This has nothing to do with a pathology in the eyes, but just the way our eyes function.

Your symptoms are normal. These images are due to dark adaptation and the reintroduction to light. the phosphenes in the retina are stimulated when there is inadequate stimulation creating various visual aura.

But dont worry, its normal.

You will find a lot of reading material online regarding it, but my advise would be to ignore it if it is a medical question regarding yourself, unless you want to pursue it out of curiosity.

Regardless, always have an annual retinal examination as a precaution for all eye related issues.

Hope this helps,
Dr Shroff

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