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QUESTION: Dr. Kenneth Berger,

I am new in using contact lenses. I got mine from my optometrist. I decided to change from using eye glasses to contact lenses (non toric) even I have astigmatism. After my examination, the doctor get a pair of lens. She insert the right lens on my right eye and remove it as a demonstration. I work on my left eye as a practice under her supervision.

The next day I have to wear the lenses alone in my house. I feel no problem with my left eye, but after putting lens on my right eye, I feel stinging pain. It feels burning like a soap residue touches my eye. The irritation cause redness in my eye. The sensation last for about 1 minute. Everyday for two weeks I have this experience, ok with my left eye and irritation at the right. The good thing is the burning feeling decreases each day and irritation only lasts for 20 seconds.

One day I decided to give my eye a rest. The next day I wear again my lenses. No problem with the left,but my right eye give me the worst irritation ever. It burns a lot. It takes 20s before it normalize.

Today I did not use my lens. Afraid that it may damage my eyes. What do you think is the solution to this irritation? What is the best thing to do?

ANSWER: Whenever there's an issue with new contact lenses, you should call your optometrist and advise her and see what she recommends. The problem couns be one of many things among which are a defective lens. Like a scratch
Or tear in it , a contamination problem, hand soap residue, an ill fitted  lens, solution sensitivity,  just to
Mention a few.  You need to be seen by the doctor and perhaps be refitted with a different lens.    Dr Berger

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi dr. Berger,

I visited my original eye doctor this day to relay my eye problem to her. She's an ophthalmologist. She's not the one who prescribe me the contact lens I am using. I visit her to check my eye.

She measure my eyes. I don't know what was that. Cylinder, shell something like that. She also check my right and left eye for any damaged. Good news, the doctor said my eyes are healthy. I ask if I can have contact lens and she said I can have, although she advice to wear only occasionally. She gave me a new pair NEW LOOK contact lens clear that is for 2 months use.

So this is it. At home I have to insert the lens again. No problem with my left eye. With my right eye, it sting again. Very minimal and in short period compared with the use of my former lens.  Now I don't know what causes the stinging burning feeling in my right eye. I love my new contact lens. I can't feel it in my eyes as if I am not wearing a lens. The only problem is the stinging feeling in my right eye just after putting it.


Dear RJ I already answered your question as to the possible reasons what the burning and discomfort of your contact lens what did your ophthalmologist say when you saw her other than your eyes from fine what did she say could possibly be the reason for your problem?

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