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QUESTION: I've been to two doctors currently. I get my glasses, I can wear them for 15 to 30 minutes then I start seeing double images, Mainly up and down. then when I take off the glasses, I still see the double images for about the same time as above then it finally goes away. If this helps, the closer the object, the less doubled it it. Sitting at a stop light waiting for the light to turn green, there is actually two red lights.  If I use standard reading glasses from a local store, I do not have this problem. The first doctor says stigmitism. The second doctor says I need prisms at a 2 in each eye. then he expanded my left eye to a 4. I can't see out of without tripping. It gets very expensive changing glasses. What direction can I go with this?

ANSWER: Dear Kelly,

I need to know a few things before I answer your question.

#1- What is your prescription for distance and near both.
#2- what type of glasses did you get made, ie. Bifocal, Progressive(multifocal) or separate glasses for distance and near. and if they were bifocal, what type was that, round segment, Dbifocal, or straight line bifocal.

Optom.Amit Sharma

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The current prescription from the eye doctor is as follows:
D.V. O.D. Spherical +1.00 Cylindrical -1.00 axis 90 Prism 2 Base I
    O.S. Spherical PL  Cylindrical DS Axis (blank) Prism 4 Base I

N.V. O.D. 2.50
    O.S. 2.50
I had the progressive glasses, however the place that made the glasses said due to the prism, they had to use a free floating progressive. Using Crazal lens.

ANSWER: Dear Kelly,

Is this your first progressive spectacle or you have used progressive lenses in past too without PRISM.

If you have used progressive lenses in the past too , did you have the same problem with your earlier spectacles too.

Do you see double images while you are not wearing spectacles for distance through out the day.

and last question , what is your age now , because near add power +2.50 DS is required for people who are in the age group of 56-60 and above or those who have had cataract extraction with IOL.

Kelly, If you don't see double images without spectacles for distance , then possibly either your spectacles are not made correctly (with proper centration) or there is some error in your prescription.

I will be in a better position to answer your question after I receive answers to the above mentioned queries

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: On my first pair, No prism involved. I started out with progressive, switched to lined bifocals. no change. they went as far to take the photo gray stuff out, just about every combination possible. When I don't use my prescription glasses and use the generic 2.5 reading glasses, I can read all day long without any problems. Take them off and see just fine. Two different doctors, two different prescriptions and two different companies that made the glasses. I am currently 53 soon the hit the 54 mark. I hope you can understand why I am getting so confused with this.

Dear Kelly,

Just forget everything and stick to your reading glasses. I think you either don't require any correction for distance or they have not been able to make your glasses correctly.

Over correction seems to be the main cause of your problem.
I suggest that you just have reading glasses made of either +2.25 DS or the same as you already have +2.50 DS.

Optom.Amit Sharma  

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