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I am a 22 year old male, and I have -9.5 dioptres. I had myopia from age 10.

My Questions are--
1. Its said that myopia is the result of an elongated eyeball. So what exactly are the factors that cause the elongation from the first place?

What is the scientific basis for this deviation, and what parts of the eye or body causes this?

2. There are treatments but no cure for myopia. Are there any research being done, in changing the shape to normal? Why or why not?

3. Does watching too much tv, computer or books cause myopia? I do close work a lot, and rarely look into the distance.

Thank You.

Dear Brown.    Nothing you did or do caused your severe myopia as it is purely  genetic.  There is no cure but can be treated by one of three methods:  eyeglasses, contact lenses -  either the soft or hydrogel s or the hard or rigid gas permeables, or refractive surgery.  The front to back length called the axial length exceeds the normal 23-24 mm and the reason still is not quite understood . Placing RGP contact lenses on the eye during the growth spurt years (ages 10-15) seems to slow down the progression of myopia and a contact lens fitting technique called orthokeratology also does the same.   Hope this helps.   Dr Ken

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