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I am a 56 year old female and have just returned from an eye exam, where the optician found a mark on my left retina, for which he has referred me to  a specialist.  When  I questioned him on the 'mark' he said it was probably just a 'beauty spot' on the very outer peripheries of the retina and possibly been there for years, but I have regular eye checks and it has never been mentioned in the past. He also mentioned the term Pigmentosa.  I am no expert but I did not think that Pigmentosa would be described as a 'beauty spot'.  He also mentioned that I have the start of cataracts but would not be drawn on the prognosis. As I was adopted at birth there are no family records to check for eye complications, but in your considered opinion would the description of a 'beauty spot' be apt for the beginnings of Pigmentosa or is it more likely be a different condition?
I don't know if it is relevant but I suffer from Fibromyalgia, which has affected my visual acuity, vertigo, hypothyroidism and have also been suffering crippling headaches which can last 2 to 3 days.

Dear Helen. If you eye doctor saw a spot on the retina and referred you to a retinal specialist, he most likely saw a  choroidal    or retinal Nevus which is like a birthmark.  The standard of care in the United States is to photo document the size, elevation . Color, shape and symmetry of the lesion to make sure it doesn't develop into a melanoma,  also an ultrasound scan of that area is normal protocol .  In the genetic disorder retinitis pigmentosa,  bone-spicule appearance in the peripheral retina  and a degenerative breakdown on the retinal tissue leads to loss of
Peripheral vision  And what remains is a small amount of central vision  ( tunnel vision) for which there is no cure
 Hope this helps your understanding of his concern.  Dr Ken
NOTE:  fibromyalgia and headaches have no significance. To the retinal findings

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