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This past friday I had sudden double vision that lasted 4-5 hours. Side to side double vision.  When I covered one eye at a time vision was okay. I was okay until Monday evening and it happened again, 3 hours and it still occured when I went to bed.  This time it seemed the double vision was side to side and on top.  The people on the tv had 4 eyes, but on top of each other.  Woke up this morning and it is gone.  I am 41 years old, not diabetic, not taking any medications, [no high blood pressure, no high chlorestoral , last testing was 2 years ago, along with thyroid], not a smoker, no head trama (did not bump head or in an accident) seem to be in good health, until this.
I have no insurance and only have a part time job that pays nothing.  I know I need to get checked out, but I am unsure of who to go too, a family doctor, optomatrist, or ophthtalmologist. The family dorctor in my area that do certain baic tests that accept payment based on the patients income, such as blood work.  
What are the standard tests for double vision?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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You absolutely must see an ophthalmologist or neurologist and probably will be ordered to have an MRI to rule out stroke, mini stroke, cerebri vascular accident  brain lesion, Etc.   this is not to be taken lightly as double vision is definitely not normal.  Good luck.  Dr Ken ,

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