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Hi Dr. Shroff,

I have a couple of questions I hope you can help me with.
First:  I am 47 y/o and my last eye exam here in Korea shows a bit of a change in my prescription.

Old prescription (1year ago)

OD +1.50  CYL -0.50 Axis 082
OS +1.25  CYL -0.50 Axis 120. OU Add +1.75

Using PALs based on this prescription and love them....

New prescription

OD +1.75 CYL -0.75 Axis 090
OS +1.00  CYL -0.50 Axis 090. OU Add +1.75

I tried the air Optix multifocal with a medium add based on the old prescription where near was good but distance was not acceptable.  I began researching and noticed my doctor back in the US didn't consider a spherical equivalent calculation in his prescription.

Here in Korea where it is quite difficult to find a multifocal and one for a hyperope (seems all Koreans are myopes) but I went to try a fitting anyway.  I noticed that when the doctor does a refraction using projected numbers on a wall 8 feet away (same as in the US) it doesn't provide a real work refraction.  In Korea I asked the doctor if I could get up and look into the real distance and this is why my new prescription may be a bit different.

I had a older trial pair of air Optix that I never tried as my US doctor thought they would be too weak.  Based on the spherical equivalent calculation I did with the new Korean prescription - which I think is more accurate as I really looked into the distance and not the wall I tried the below.

OD +1.50 MED
OS +0.75 MED

intermediate and distance was much better and gives me freedom from glasses when hiking or at the gym.

My concern is the near.  It is not good. 30 inches away I can see but that's about it for reading  The adds seem week as compared to what they say they are in the fitting guide.   Do you have any insight into this?

Also if you note my total adds based on my glasses I have around a +3.25 (sphere + add)

I tried over the counter reader for fun the other day and + 2.25 to +2.50 seem to work ok. Confused about that.

I also tried a +1.25 reader over the contacts and that seemed to make reading much better therefore the medium add in the contact is up to +2.0 plus the reader +1.25 = my PAL add which seems to validate.

Any suggsetions on making the near better without making the distance worse?  Going with a high add in my non dominate eye would deem the best thing to do OR is there a better brand?

Thanks in advance,


Dear William,

I appreciate your detailed email.
Unfortunately, I am not an expert in fitting multifocal contact lenses.
I do use multifocal intraocular lenses for cataract, but that theory is completely different.

I can surely ask my contact lens expert, and revert back.

Kindly await an opinion.


Dr Anand Shroff

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