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Hi Mitchell,

I'm male. I'm 24.

So I went to a GP because some sort of eye infection I have
in both eyes. although it is more apprent in my left one as
it is the upper lid is swollen quite a bit.

I was told that it was probably a Blepharitis that I had, one
of the possible complications is a Stye which I was told I
now have in my left eye.

I was given an antibiotic in the form of an oitment, it's called:
"Chloramphenicol Eye Oitment 1.0% w/w" tu use once at night. I wasn't given any eye drops.

I read here:
that "If you have been given eye ointment to use as well as eye drops, apply the ointment at night only. If you have been given eye ointment without the eye drops, use the ointment three or four times each day."

I'm now confused, should I use it only once at night or three/four times as explained on the website?

Many thanks in advance!

hi Bob,
You can use the ointment a couple of times per day and at bedtime, not on the eye but on the eyelid edges, called eyelid margins, and rub the ointment into the margins and eyelashes.  after several days you can likely stop or just use it at bedtime for several more days. it's important that you then do what are called warm water soaks and eyelid scrubs.  you can search the web, but you want to use very warm water soaks before bed for 5 min to soften any deposits accumulated on the lashes and soften any congealed oils.  then use hot water or very warm water from the tap and using your fingertips rub hot water along the margins, several strokes, and cycle back and forth between the water and the lid. Or you can do it in the shower with plentiful supply of hot water.  the idea is to keep the lashes clean and the glands flowing.  then you will avoid the crud and styes. it's actually not an eye problem more a lid problem.  the lids are more related to skin issues and is familial.  best of luck, you may even skip the ointment and just start doing the lid hygiene and it will all be good.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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