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My 13 yr old son went in for an eye exam and the opthamologist gave us an Rx of -0.50 SPH for both eyes. He said if finances weren't a problem, it would be good to get them to help clear things up. That statement felt a bit like he was implying that if money WAS a problem, then it's ok to wait as my son's nearsightedness will continue to grow worse.

The reason I ask, is that my son has significant learning disabilities and I want to do all I can to ensure he has the proper tools to help things be clearer - if glasses are one of those things, we'll get them. But it seems like the Rx is insignificant enough to hold off for a while.

What do you think?

Hi Kelly,
Your son's vision begins to blur at 6 to 7 feet away, and probably isn't an issue for less than 10 feet away.  So for a chalk or smart board across the room, he may take a little longer to decipher the blur and have a little slowness in copying or possibly use more brain power that could be used for his other senses like listening resulting in less comprehension.  But if he sits close enough, there isn't a problem.  Usually the LD issues are for near/reading and he has no blur at near. It's the kind of vision that would be helped w/ glasses for night driving or watching a movie or moon/stars, etc.  All that being said, I'd agree w/ your doctor but in the realm of LD, usually I vote for any possible help even if it only helps a little.  The glasses are not needed at near...unless he tries them and for some reason thinks they help.  The glasses cannot hurt.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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