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I have severe nearsightedness and a severe astigmatism and been wearing contacts for 20 years. I have always worn Frequency Toric in the past with no problems; but in my last exam, my doctor informed me they are no longer making the lens I need and switched me to another brand, Coopervision Toric. My prescription is apparently far too severe to wear any other brand. However, I am unable to wear these new ones more than one or two times before the lenses tear. Often, the tear occurs in the storage case between sessions of wear. While they are almost $150 a box (per eye), this is far too expensive to keep replacing them after only one or two uses.  I have never had problems like this before and am wondering if this is a common complaint for this brand or is there something I can do to extend the life of my lenses?

Hi Veronique,
Lenses tear easily once they first have a (even VERY small) defect, usually on the edge and then are manipulated in even a gentle fashion.  Sometimes the defect can be in the center of the lens.  Now, usually the defect initially happens from the lens edge being caught in the lens case when pinched by the lid, or when kinking the lens upon removal especially if it is dry.  BE SURE not to overfill the case, and to use a drop to lubricate the lens/eye before removal.  While it is possible to get a defective lens it is rare.  Cooper is a fine lens.  
Best of luck,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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