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Hi doctor,

    About three years ago I started noticing I was seeing two versions of things like numbers on a digital clock, words on the television or designs on my computer.  There is the main image and one lighter image above this one.  I have it in both eyes.  If I cover my left I can see the second image in my right and vice versa, although it's a little worse in my right.  It happens close up and far away.  Reading is not hard to do but very tiring and I will lose my place. I always had really sharp vision but I'm noticing faces from far away will be indistinguishable where they once were not.  Signs are hard to read.  I can almost squint it away.  If I look through a pin hole everything is extremely clear.  I do get dry eyes sometimes in the morning or when I'm stressed but that's not my concern here, just trying to be thorough.  I do also spend most of my time working on a computer.  Could you fill me in as to what may be causing this?


Dear Brian,

The first thing you need to look for is to check if you have astigmatism, which is a cylindrical power in the eyes, as this is the most common cause of what you describe as "double vision".

Sometimes, this small power may seep in at a later age, more because of continuous close work or near work as long hours on the PC.

Do just step in any eye clinic or optical store to just recheck your powers.

start with that.

If a small astigmatism is there, you need not wear constant glasses, but for continuous visual work like computers, watching a movie, it might help to use the prescription..
if it is not a number, then one needs to evaluate more thoroughly, which any eye doctor will would do.

Hope this helps you plan the next step.

Best Regards,
Dr Anand Shroff

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