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Hello Dr Berger,

I have Duane's effecting my left eye, with limited horizontal range of motion.  My left eye also has significantly poorer vision compared to my right.

The eye pulls back a bit when I do look left/right, but I do have sufficient peripheral vision due to a procedure I had when I was less than a year old. (currently 26)

I do notice my left eye becomes a bit droopy when I am tired, or have been enjoying libations with friends - I attribute this mostly to the fact that, as a result of the surgery, the eye is set a little further back in the socket compared to my right and therefore does not protrude as much, making it easier for my eyelid to close over it - especially when tired.

Cosmetically, I am curious to know if there are exercises I can do to strengthen and even cause my left eye to set more equal to my right.  (Or even just exercises I should be doing to maintain the motion.)

As far as the lasik part - as I mentioned, the vision in my left eye is significantly poorer, and I remember patching my good eye as a kid to try and train my brain and strengthen my left eye.

What I want to know is if I were to get lasik on my bad eye to improve the vision, would my brain then begin to use my left more and help the situation, or would it not matter, or is there a chance it would use my left more and actually cause more of that binocular effect I've read about?

Thank you for your help and suggestions!


Beth.  Please understand that LASIK surgery will not improve the vision in an amblyopia or lazy eye. That's why you attempted patching the good eye presumably to  force the weaker eye to see better.  At your age the eye has reached it's maximum visual potential and surgery will not further improve it. As far as exercises you can do to improve the oculomotor or cosmetic appearance of your eye,  there are none that I know of that would be effective but certainly you can ask your eye physician for his opinion on this matter. Good luck.  Dr ken

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