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Hello, I visited an eye doctor today, because I've been seeing blurry for quite some time, at both long and short distances. He said that I have astigmatism and I also have a growth in both eyes. I cannot remember the name of it but I'm sure it begins with the letter T and is not cataracts. He told me that I have to wear bifocal glasses. Then he said something about progressive glasses.Does progressive lenses do the same thing as bifocal? He also said that I should wear shades to lessen down the spread of the growth, adding that the glasses should be a transitional one. Could you please help me to understand all this? It's kind of confusing.I'm 42 years old. Thanking you in advance for your quick reply.

Hi Brenda,
I'm sorry to hear you didn't have communication with your doctor. I'm sure your doctor would like to teach you more about your issues and answer your questions.  The  term is "pterygium" but the p is silent.  Any plastic lens will filter UV light and tint is for comfort.  Lubricating drops are good for your eyes, too.  Your optical questions are best answered by an optician, as there are mixed feelings about bifocal, progressive addition lenses, and self darkening lenses called photochromic (a brand is Transitions).  After you talk to the doctor or optician about these things or even read about them on the internet, let me know if you have any questions.
Mitch Axelrod,OD

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