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Issues when reading text on kindle and when reading text online, is it an eye issue?

So I never noticed this before a few weeks ago when I was reading my kindle but now it seems like whenever I read something whether its on the internet or on my kindle, I start reading sentences and the reading begins straight but then curves I dont know how to describe it but it looks like this:


see how in the second line of the image how it becomes straight then gradually rises? and then the fourth line how it stays straight then falls? Thats how the text looks to me when I am reading something. Is this a vision problem that is serious? Or is it happening because I am over reacting? I wear glasses but this happens when I dont wear glasses and when I do wear glasses.

Hi    It sounds like you are experiencing metamorphopsia or distorted vision giving the appearance of waviness or twisting or bending of straight lines. This is easily demonstrated with the Amsler Grid Test given in eye doctors offices .  It can be caused by macular degeneration or central serous retinopathy or retinal edema , etc.  you didn't indicate your age so you will need an retinal evaluation to give you the diagnosis and treatment plan .   If you're a smoker you should Stop .  If it is indeed macular degeneration you should have an OCT test , retinal photograph, and possibly a Flourescein angiogram  to determine if its the Dry type or Wet type .  Diet, nutritional supplements and antioxidants, UV Polaroid sunglasses, and cessation of smoking all are important to slow down the progression and in some cases, intraocular injections are necessary to slow down and reverse the progression.    Good luck. Hope this clarifies your situation a bit but understand distorted vision is not normal so get it checked out.   Dr Ken  

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