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I'm very concerned and very desperate about my situation with my eyes. I have been having feeling from about a year a burning in my eyes, irritation, feeling like having dirt in my eyes. I went to visit 3 doctors and they say my eyes are fine, I just have dandruff in my eyes lashes but that the eyes are fine. One of them recommend me to wash my eyes with baby shampoo every morning or night to avoid having the dandruff coming into my eyes but I still feel those symptoms that I mentioned before. Another told me to visit the dermatologist, which I did and the dermatologist just told me that dandruff in eye lashes can't be cured so I will have that for life, she told me that I just have to do what the other doctor recommended about the baby shampoo. I've spent a lot of money to see these doctors and my problem is still there with no improvement. I can't work and sometimes I'm having bad mood because of this on my eyes every day. I just can't live like that because it's so annoying to keep blinking every day and feel my eyes irritated.
Could you please tell me what can I do about this?
Thank you very much for taking the time reading this!



ANSWER: Dear Victor,

Thank you for the details.
This sounds like blepharitis.

Have you even been advised an eye ointment?
Unfortunately, without and examination, I cannot recommend medicated ones in this forum, however, what has worked for some is to use lubrication like Lacrigel or a safe over-the-counter (OTC) available eye gel.

Yes, you will have to continue keeping the eyelids clean and baby shampoo is one of the methods.

You can also try and use Olopat or Pataday eye drops, which are again safe to use OTC eye drops specifically for eye allergies. Once opened, the bottle can be refrigerated. Mark a date on the bottle (date of opening) and do not use it for more than a month.

You can use it initially upto 3 times a day along with the ointment on the eye lid margin at night for a week to 10 days. Then use the eye drops on and off when symptoms are there.

Let me know your progress.

Hope this helps,
Best regards,

Dr Anand Shroff

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QUESTION: Thank you for your response.

Do you think I should try the OTC products that you recommended to me first or go again to a doctor and get an examination first and then try the OTC products? Thanks for your very kind response!

ANSWER: Dear Victor,

Since you mention that you have already visited 3 doctors, I leave it to you in case you  want to seek another opinion.
No harm in the same.

Dr Shroff

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QUESTION: Thank for your kindly response. What kind of ointment would you recommend? and, if is a universal brand would be good because some of the brands you recommend me are available only in India.
Also, I wanted to ask you since I feel relief with OTC eye drops for eye allergy, Do you know if it's bad if I use them kind of often? I use them about 2 days a week about 2 or 3 times every day when I feel like my symptoms are getting worse.


Dear Victor,

Pataday is a US product. See link

also dosage and side effects outlined in http://ecatalog.alcon.com/pi/Pataday_us_en.pdf

In my experience I have not seen any side effects with an on-off use of this eye drop.

No eye drop should be used (unless advised by the ophthalmologist) as a regular habit, but using it twice a week  not more than 2-3 times, should be fine.

Any lubricating eye ointment would also work for blepharitis.

Untreated blepharitis would have far more consequences to worry about, so if the anti allergy meds work, go ahead.

it would also help to meet an allergy specialist to know what is causing the eye allergies, so you can work to treat the cause and not just the symptoms.

Hiope this helps,


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