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Thanks for taking time to look at my case.

I'm a 29 year old Hispanic Male, in general good health, within my ideal weight ranges and I exercise regularly. I work quite a bit and also get out my good share and enjoy having drinks with friends maybe a little more than your average Joe. Although I would argue I don't have a drinking problem I just enjoy having a drink followed by a couple more.

Any way about 5 years ago, I identified a little dot floating around my left field of vision, looked into it a little more in depth and learned about "floaters" and all the mysteries surrounding them. In the last 5 yrs I've visited a couple of professionals, they all tell me the same thing, "you have no retinal detachment, your vision is good, just ignore the floaters" they have progressively increased at a considerable rate in the last couple years, and I can not just ignore them, that's like ignoring a fly, actually more like ignoring a mosquito while trying to go to sleep, not viable. Any thoughts? ideas? suggestions?

I was about to go to see a "specialist" in Florida that claimed to have a laser solution to floaters, but I was warned by more than one expert about this option. Thanks and God bless.

ANSWER: For years the ophthalmic community told their patients to "ignore " their floaters so long as there's no retinal tears or detachment.  But the floaters can be life disruptive, annoying and debilitating to some.  And to others, interfere with vision .  And that 99% of eye docs say to
Leave them alone, that's there's no treatment and live with it.  But there other options: a vitrectomy is one option but very risky. But laser evaporation and obliteration of the floaters due to posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) and syneresis, is yet another.  There are only a handful of ophthalmologists in the country who do this procedure and a consultation with one of them would be in your best interest , Dr karikouf in Virginia , dr Johnson in California , dr Geller in Florida  and dr Wallshein in Atlantis Florida are a few who come to mind.   Dr Geller has the most experience.   Hope this helps.  Dr Ken
PS.   WHAT WAS THE WARNING GIVEN?  Concerned about a possible retinal tear or detachment?   If so, the reported complication rate is less than 0.5% and no recorded major complications have occurred and no blindness as a result thereof.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks! I believe I was speaking to Dr.Geller in FL., but decided no to go through with it. I guess I'm confused by all the contradicting information and feed back from the Ophthalmic community on the laser option. I think that the air needs to be cleared about the factual imposing threats and implications on the procedure. Is there any scientific publication or white papers on this procedure. Again, thanks!

FYI.   My daughter just went to Dr Geller to have her floaters laser treated.   She is 31. Many of her massive floaters have now been pulverized to very tiny one , some are still noticeable to her. Dr Geller will treat each eye for up to four times at no additional charge to clean up residual floaters that remain annoying  His published complication rate is very small and he does not take any unnecessary risks.   Certainly a consultation is recommended to see you're a candidate for this procedure. Your other option is to leave them alone and Do Nothing.  Good luck  

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