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QUESTION: Nearly 3 months ago I had a corneal abrasion.  The healing went smoothly but left a tiny haze and an irregular astigmatism (+1.25d).  At first my vision, long and short distance, was cloudy and then double.  Now I see shadows near letters on screen and got diagnosed with the irregular astigmatism.  However my haze or scar is improving and tinier every time I get checked.  It's nearly impossible to see it now but is still there although much smaller than it used to be.  It's between the ephithelial and the layer underneath.  My questions is, does irregular astigmatism correct itself once the scar is totally gone resulting from a corneal injury?  Would this refraction error stay or go away overtime?  It's a direct result of this injury/

ANSWER: Dear Peter,
It may take a long time, even upto 6-8 months for the cornea cells to heal completely.
The astigmatism needs to be monitored in your case, as it seems due to the scarring itself.

Only when the healing is complete, can one be certain of the final power that you may need.

In many cases we have seen it heal completely, so do not worry. But your doctor would be able to give you a better idea as this also depends on the nature, severity and location of the abrasion

I am sure that the doctor has prescribed eye drops for you. If these are mild steroid eye drops, then use them correctly, as they greatly help.

Hope this helps,
Dr Shroff

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your reply!  I only use Muro 128 at night, no drops as my eye is not dry.

I will wait although my vision hasn't changed for weeks.  

Can I assume that the irregular astigmatism being at the location of the haze, once the haze is completely gone, the cells will flatten and smoother the epithelium?

ANSWER: Dear Peter,

If there is haze that is on the cornea, that itself contributes to the hazy vision.
Trying to find an accurate spectacle power at that point is of no use. This has to be checked when the haze settles down.In normal course, yes, the epithelium heals completely.
Hoping that there is no permanent scar left behind, one can expect clarity at that point, you will need to check this at the eye clinic.

However, one needs to be on medication (eye drops). I am unsure what is Muro 128, but do speak with your treating eye surgeon as he will give you a much more accurate idea regarding your eyes.

Dr Shroff

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QUESTION: This is very helpful.  When I wake up in the morning my vision is clear but quickly decreases and gets worse in the evening.  Do you know what causes that?  

Also I read a lot online that irregular astigmatism can be caused by an injury such as mine but nowhere does it say that such astigmatism can fade away over time.  I trust your opinion when you say that it may take a long time.  It's hard to see improvements when the recovery is very long.  My doctor says that the haze is now insignificant but I don't see any change in my slightly blurry vision caused by the astigmatism.  Can I assume that only when the haze is totally gone the cells on the epithelium will start to smooth out and thicken and reduce the astigmatism and eventually eliminate it.  I can't find information mentioning that such an astigmatism, caused by a corneal abrasion near the axis of vision, can eventually go away without any surgery.  Thanks again for your valuable comments!

Dear Peter,

If possible, send us the eye report that your doctor has last examined you. That will help me answer the query better.

No surgery will be advised for this, as it seems to be only a slight astigmatism.

When there is no further change on what the doctor examines you under the slit lamp is when the cornea stabilizes.
So, if the doctor is informing you that there is a change every time you meet him, then wait.

Again, a detailed report from the treating eye specialist would greatly help.

Dr Shroff

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