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QUESTION: I went for an eye exam two months ago.  I was diagnosed with natural monovison of 20/15 with a slight astigmatism in my distance eye and my reading eye of -1.25.  I was told since I work on the computer and read reports all day that getting glasses would relieve my eye fatigue and headaches.  I have tried bifocal contacts, progressive eyeglasses and single vision reading glasses to no avail.  All of these options have caused blurred vision, nausea, eye "pulling" and more headaches.  The clear vision and eye strain relief have not come with any option the doctor tells me.  What other options can I try to relieve my frustration and eye fatigue?

ANSWER: Please tell me your age,health status, and eye health

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QUESTION: I am in my forties and in good health except for headaches usually caused by intense concentration or stress.  I was told by the optometrist my eyes were clear and healthy.  I was also told that I could go without glasses if I wanted, but because I read so much at work the add power might help.  The headaches I receive from the optical lenses are very different than the normal headaches I have.  Once I remove the optical lenses the headaches go away within ten minutes.  Perhaps my brain is so hardwired for 20/15, adjusting to any "corrective" lens is too much for it to handle?   The doctor retested me wearing the bifocal contacts, as well as, the progressive eyeglasses and proved to both of us that I saw worse with them than without them.  Seeing less than before doesn't make any sense.

It seems from what I have read online, others with monovision also struggle with vision clarity when they try glasses or contacts.  I was just hoping for more ideas since the optometrist isn't open to exploring other options and the promised clarity and relief is not there.  Sending me away to just try one more week isn't working.

Have you tried a single vision lens in the nearsighted eye only?  With a pair of plus 1.00 reading/computer eyeglass to be worn with that one contact lens?          Just as an aside,   No one knows for sure if something would work unless it is tried.  This I've learned over the past 38 years in this field          HIW DID YOU MAKE OUT?

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