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I went to the ophthalmologist for an eye exam and got a new prescription. I decided to order both regular glasses and sun glasses. I got no line bifocals which I currently wear. When I picked up the glasses, the regular glasses were fine .But as soon as I put on the sun glasses, I felt as if I was wearing someone else's prescription. They re-tested my eyes and said my prescription is correct. They have tried everything, but the glasses still do not feel right. They feel as if my left eye is being pulled and when I look to the left it looks blurry..straight ahead it is ok. I paid a lot for the sun glasses. They are the new lenses specifically made for driving. They even sent them back and had the bifocal part made smaller, but it didn't help much. I am now being made to feel that it is some how me and not the glasses that are the problem. But how can that be, since the regular glasses are fine? I have been back to the optical store (part of my eye doctor's office set up) three times now. I sense an irritation on their part, although, I do think they have tried to solve the problem. My husband and I are traveling next week. I will bring the sunglasses and try to wear them on our trip because we will be outside a lot. If they still feel wrong what can I do next?

Hi Carolyn,
If the clear progressive lenses and the sunglasses are supposed to be the same except for the tint and you have all those symptoms, obviously something is wrong with the sunglass lens type, material or manufacture. Since you've had some re-makes and still it is bad, just get either a second opinion from another shop or a refund.  You don't want to have spent money on glasses you can't use.  It shouldn't be a problem to figure it out since you have clear ones that are OK.  It sounds like an lens optical problem not a prescription problem.  
Sorry you're having such problems, let me now what happens.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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