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QUESTION: Had toric lens implant on left eye 5 days ago. Inotice when i look to the right side i see a dark ring or black spot.My sight is much better and i also notice it seems like my eye jumps around .Im scared to have the left one done now.Can it be removed if there is a measurement problem . i also notice my right eye seems the color white much brighter than the left.I also have glacoma and he did a procedure on it to when i had the imlpant put in. will this go away.Or can it get worse.My eye feels heavy .thank You

ANSWER: Dear Anna,

Don't worry. The eyes continue to heal and settle down over next few weeks.

yes, the vision may seem different in both eyes to you at present, but you will also see this settle down as days pass and more so when both eyes are treated. Today, you are more conscious and observe more keenly as the procedure is recent.

If the other cataract is not too mature, you can absolutely wait on it after speaking to your surgeon.

Toric implants take care of astigmatism, and hence, it may take a few more days for the brain to adjust to this.

Just focus on other factors like pain, discomfort, redness, and using the eye drops timely for the next 2-3 weeks, and you will see that you will be far more comfortable with the vision by then.

I am sure that you have follow ups scheduled in the next week or so, and if not better, the surgeon is bound to look into it.

Just take it easy till then.

Best regards,

Dr Anand Shroff

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QUESTION: Well i had the right eye done 4 days ago. I saw much clearer with the left eye which was my worse eye,when i had it done 9 days ago. Now that i have the right eye done the left eye is blurry.I also saw better the first day of surgery.Inotice i have a hard time now reading print on tv.Although i can read the news paper at arms lenth real good. Some things i have a hrd time seeing like signs on the road.When i see them i can only make out the large print and not the small letters they seem blured.When i had the worse eye left done first i could see the stock market tape on tv real clear now with the 2 eyes done i cant see them clear. Why is this i thought it would only get better after the right eye was done .Iuse allthe drops i have 4 times daily .They should last 2 months or longer . Please tell me my vision will get better with time I have no pain and had my follow up and was told the # are great.Iwill go back in 5 weeks again.      Thank you so much Ann

ANSWER: Dear Anna,

4-5 days is way to early to start worrying about clarity or crispness in vision post lens implants.

Please wait till the healing is complete, this may take up to 4-8 weeks.

Dr Shroff

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QUESTION: I notice my eyes are getting blurred more and more .Its been almost a month now since my left eye and 2 weeks since my right.When i use the prednislone acetate and also the bromday my eyes get blurry. is this normal .Ihave glacloma also doese that have any thing to do with it.Should i stop using the drops.I use the prednisolone 4 times day .The bromday 1 time a day

Dear Anna,
If you have Glaucoma, please have the IOP examined. As raised IOP can give blurred vision and also Prednisolone eye drops cause a marginal rise in the IOP.
The eye drops will have to be modified accordingly.
Visit the eye clinic and have them re examine you

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