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I have an epiretinal membrane, with metamorphopsia as well as some diminished acuity in that eye. Since LASIK can be programmed to produce a wavefront distortion, and one can compute a distortion at the cornea that would help to compensate for the distortion at the retina, I wonder whether LASIK is being used (or could be) to treat the metamorphopsia symptom?  (I understand it would do nothing to help the diminished acuity caused by the epiretinal membrane.)

I have read of a case in which LASIK caused PVD which gave rise to epiretinal membrane. Since I already have PVD in the affected eye, is there any downside to using LASIK for the above purpose (if possible), or more generally for ordinary correction of myopia in that eye?

Dear Ralph,

LASIK not advised for epiretinal membrane treatment. It is only for correcting Myopia and Astigmatism alone.
Although in theory the application may seem useful, it is not meant for the same.The only surgical treatment most commonly used is a vitrectomy. You may read more about this on

Hope this helps,

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