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I am 17. I see in motion blur. I will clarify by saying this: Everything I see that moves, has some motion blur to it. Normally, the eye wont pick up on this or the brain filters it out (to my knowledge at least), so why is it that I see everything in motion blur? When I say everything, I mean it. From the computer mouse on screen, to my fingers while typing this, to even the slowest movements of someone or something, i see motion blur. I've told this to others and apparently its not normal (which surprised me having never known anything else, but now i feel dumb for thinking that it was normal), so, is there a name for this or anything? Is there anyway you can help, even by referring me to someone who may know more? It isn't bothersome in most situations, so its not trouble, i just wondered what could cause this abnormality.
Further info on my eyes: I am slightly nearsighted, and it very slowly gets worse so that i need a stronger prescription roughly once a year, but my eyes are only bad as in, for example, i cant read the teacher writing something on the other side of the room. Otherwise, its pretty fine and no trouble. I hope that proves relevant, and if not, well, I did what I could. Thank you for your time and (in advance) help.

Hi Caleb,
I don't know what you mean by motion blur.  If you search the web for visual psychophysics and visual perception you may learn more about your issue.  For example you can check out this:


You may be inclined to contact the instructor.
Sorry not to be of more help..
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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