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hi there, my son is 1 and he has always went cross eyes bumped into things etc he had an eye test which specifies his eyes are sph +8.00 cyl 1.00 and axis 90. what does this meen i no its a high perscription does this mean he is partially sited?  and how bad are his eyes?

Hi Louise,
The cyl is not much, but the +8 is a lot of hyperopia.  When your son tries to auto focus to compensate when not using lenses it makes his eyes cross: not good.  your son's eye doctor should explain a lot to you.  You son should use either glasses or contact lenses to prevent the crossing eyes and allow clear vision.  Don't make your son's brain choose between blurry, double, or crossed. We assume that with the +8 he sees OK and none of this has any suggestion of partially sighted or visually impaired, etc.  As he gets older his vision and visual skills can be better checked, but for now just use the prescription and assume he will see ok.  He will need routine follow up appointments with his eye doctor.
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